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Task Force 38 is engaged in embedded electronics

We are special. Special team that does embedded electronics.

Embedded Electronics

When we say “Embedded electronics”, we consider everything that is a part of other products, not necessarily electronic. This ranges from cars to clothing, or our "smart jewelry," like glowing beads or earrings that change color to match the dress.

Various Sensors

Primarily, it involves various sensors. These include climate sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure), presence sensors, open-close sensors, and so on. It also involves actuators: locks, motors, switches, etc.

Our Consumers

The main consumers of this technology are medicine, the automotive industry, and "smart homes," although there are various other interesting fields, such as sports. For instance, during training, every football player is decked out with sensors like a Christmas tree.

We Create Embedded Systems

We create embedded systems both as complete solutions and as individual components, since many clients already have an existing infrastructure to which they need to add or enhance something. A system typically comprises a set of equipment, a server, and data transmission to and from it, as well as mobile applications in the current era.

Developing an embedded (and, in fact, any) device involves
  • Expert PCB Development, Modular Solutions

    Developing the electronics itself, meaning the printed circuit boards (PCBs), their debugging, optimization, and preparation for mass production. We can boast about being specialists in the development of modern compact devices based on the latest circuit technologies. Additionally, we strive to solve the long-term tasks of our clients by creating a modular, easily expandable architecture that allows for the inexpensive and rapid creation of new products over a long period.

    We have a deep understanding of what our clients actually do and what they plan to do in the future. We design devices that can be further expanded and configured without our involvement or with minimal involvement, without having to redo everything from scratch each time.

  • Firmware Mastery, Wireless Expertise

    Development of firmware, i.e., the software that controls the device. Here, we pride ourselves as experts in wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, LoRa) and low-power systems powered by rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. Essentially, we can create a button that will glow for a couple of years. We also are experts of human-machine interfaces, including bistable displays. It sounds a bit intimidating, but in reality, these are electronic inks—like those used in e-readers. If the device is turned off, the screen retains the last image displayed on it.

  • Enclosure Design Excellence

    Development of the enclosures, including mechanics, aesthetics (industrial design and general design), prototyping, and preparation for production. Primarily these are plastic enclosures, but we are able to manufacture enclosures using injection molding and milling methods. Indeed, each product must have an enclosure that suits its purpose. And sometimes a product consists of several parts, in which case each part should have its own casing. We handle this aspect through close collaboration with North Carolina State University.

Company Departments

Our Departments

Our departments encompass specialized teams focused on various aspects of our organization’s operations, each contributing to our overall mission and goals.

CEO and President

CEO and President

The CEO and President holds the highest executive position within the company, overseeing strategic direction, operations, and decision-making processes.


The COO is responsible for the daily operations of the company, ensuring efficient management and execution of strategies to achieve organizational objectives.
Product Development

Product Development

Product Development involves the creation, enhancement, and refinement of offerings to meet market demands and advance the company's competitive position.
PCB / Electronics Design Department

PCB / Electronics Design Department

The PCB / Electronics Design Department specializes in crafting intricate circuitry and electronic components pivotal for device functionality.
Firmware And Software

Firmware And Software

The Firmware and Software department is responsible for coding and optimizing the digital backbone of our electronic systems.
Mechanical Design Group

Mechanical Design Group

The Mechanical Design Group is responsible for engineering the physical components and structures that form the foundation of our products.
Customer Support

Customer Support

The Customer Support department provides assistance and solutions to address inquiries, concerns, and issues raised by our valued customers.

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