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The core credo and main rule of our company is that we support our customers’ businesses as if they were our own. Typically, we undertake complex, comprehensive projects and solve problems that are too costly with large outsourcing companies and too complicated for freelancers and small teams without sufficient expert experience and a well-established project management system.

Task Force 38 supports its products and the projects of its clients as long as necessary. We complete functionality, fix errors, perform tailoring for the tasks that need to be solved, and do so until the product is sold, throughout its entire lifecycle.

Moreover, we often take on the support, debugging, enhancement, or reworking of other people’s products and projects. Usually, developers hate such work, avoid it, or do it poorly. We, naturally, do not like it either, but we are skilled at such tasks and do them well. Task Force 38 is organized by entrepreneurs with extensive experience in product and service development. Being businessmen, we understand well that your business already has an accumulated portfolio of products and cannot be started from scratch. Okay, we are those reliable partners who will also help you in this case.

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