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We provide advanced solutions to medical device and pharmaceutical firms that understand the importance of having a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system to tackle product development obstacles. Our tested and adaptable solutions accelerate innovation in the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, guarantee quality, cut expenses, and uphold compliance with constantly evolving worldwide standards, such as FDA regulations.

Automotive industry

Modern vehicles are evolving into intricate networks of systems, featuring an ever-growing amount of software and electronic components. Our specially designed Software and Systems Engineering solutions can fast-track the development of your software-defined vehicles (SDVs). By modeling software early, you can secure the seamless integration of automotive software with hardware. Employ ongoing multi-domain simulation to foresee all interfaces, enhancing safety, performance, and cybersecurity. Furthermore, develop a cohesive and adaptable automotive system architecture that supports OTA (over-the-air) updates and upgrades, prolonging the lifespan of your software-defined vehicle.

Smart homes

Programming for embedded systems is essential in crafting smart home technologies. These technologies fuse different devices and systems, like lighting, heating, security, and entertainment, into one network that is manageable from a central point. The development of software that facilitates communication and complex operations among these devices relies on embedded systems

Retail and trade solutions

Retail is undergoing continuous and swift changes, with many retailers struggling to keep up. Technology solutions are increasingly infiltrating every aspect of retail operations. It’s essential for these solutions to not only digitalize the retailer’s processes but also to be validated and adaptable to the industry’s rapid evolution. Our commitment to offering real-time collaboration through unique, patented digital solutions is equipping retailers for the future. We understand that fostering innovation necessitates a vast network of partners, which is crucial for sustained success. 

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